Is Your Car’s Glass Repairable?

As a car owner, you will face a lot of different problems. One of them is having a cracked or scratched windshield. Those small and tiny cracks and chips that make your visibility worse can even lead to an accident. And how should one decide whether to opt for a windshield repair or replacement?

Size and depth of the scratch. Keep in mind that in the past even a minor crack or a chip meant that the windshield should be replaced. Fortunately, that is no longer the case. Nowadays, thanks to modern technologies, the glass can be fixed without any visible signs. Nonetheless, they also have their own limitations. A knowledgeable glass specialist will examine carefully the size, depth, and the location of the scratch. It is pretty obvious that small ones can be repaired and if you don’t replace a windshield with bigger ones, your life will be put at a risk. But how to tell whether a crack is minor or not? Auto glass professionals say that cracks up to 12 inched long can be successfully fixed. The location is important too. If they appear towards the edge of your windshield, they can spread quickly and cause a car crash. However, if they are repaired on time, right after they occur, you may skip the replacement.

Price. The cost of repairs and replacements matters. The money you will spend on windshield repairs is the same for the whole country. They are not very expensive. The rates may vary depending on the labor involved. When there are any major glass defects imply immediate replacement. As you can imagine, such projects have a higher price. Additionally to the cost of the windshield itself, a cost for labor will be included.

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